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We just released the new version of our TouchConverter for Navisworks Manage / Simulate .

We have vastly improved its ergonomy. We have in particular put a great deal of effort in making sectioning and measuring much easier as you can see in this video below:


The setting panel enables you to assign specific gestures and their associated number of fingers for each command and for each of the three modes (visualization, measure and walk).

The measuring cursor is now slightly offset from the finger to help you see its position better.

Once it is correctly positioned, you just tap the screen to validate the measure. Sectioning planes are also easily selected, and all the gesture remain valid in that mode as well.

We have also added the capability to use gestures for simple commands such as CTRL+Z or Esc.

We have deployed several hundred licences with our Defense and Construction clients.

All these improvements are being implemented as well in our Revit plugin and in our Autocad plugin.

This is a beta version, we’re looking for feedback to make it evolve and add useful features.

Please fill out the form below to get a free trial test version:

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