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High-Performance Touch Hardware and Software: Touch Tables, Totems, Digital BIM Workstations

Itekube makes hardware: touch tables model E inclinedhorizontaldual – screen, touch totems model R, et Digital BIM workstations model B.

We are a high-tech start-up that designs and builds high-performance interactive interfaces.

All our devices are equipped with high end components. We use high brightness UHD 4K screens and aluminum frames. Our touch layers are very reactive and work with gloves.

Our touch interfaces have been created for professionals as collaborative tools to enhance interactions with complex information.

Whether you are an engineer, manufacturing assembler or a construction worker, our devices enable intuitive collaborative 3D overviews, product detailing or complex image/data viewing. Itekube, an OEM, creates its own hardware with powerful CPU/GPU and high-Definition touch screens, ideally suited for running complex 3D software solutions such as Catia (Dassault Systems), Creo (Ptc), NX (Siemens) or Navisworks and Revit (Autodesk). Itekube sells and leases their products around the world to include important industry leaders in aeronautics, automotive, architecture and urban planning.

We design and make our hardware in France relying on a powerful network of local suppliers. This allows for rapid and efficient quality control. We can therefore guarantee the quality and the reliability of our devices.

We exclusively use high-end components for every part of our devices and are also focused on design and security.

Itekube can also assist its clients with touch software development for all Windows devices.

We sell and rent our products to worldwide leaders in Construction, Energy, Aerospace, Automobile, Healthcare and Real Estate.

Our Headquarters are in Caen, France. We have devices for demonstration purposes in Microsoft’s showroom in Paris and are also present in New York.

This is a beta version, we’re looking for feedback to make it evolve and add useful features.

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