TouchIt for Unity

Native C++ event-based multitouch software plugin TouchIt for Unity 3D Unity enables advanced gesture recognition and combination of up to 10-finger / 2-hand gestures.

Unity Pro required.


Our Touchit plugin for Unity can be downloaded at



Also available for Real3D / SDK in C++ et JS .

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  • Native touch software for Windows (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10) with advanced gesture recognition.
  • Enables gesture recognition with up to 10 fingers or 2 hands.
  • For instance 2-hand rotation or 3-finger zoom.
  • Based on native C++ events.
  • Unity Pro required
  • Simple gestures: pan, pinch, twist
  • Full gestures: pan, pinch, twist, swipe, shake short press, long press, short tap, long tap