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4 use cases for our touch devices:
Anatomy – Virtual Reality – Digital Construction Site – Smart City




Virtual Reality Console

Microsoft MTC

Digital Construction Site BIM

Vinci Construction

Smart City – 3D

Société du Grand Paris

Anatomy Table


The PFRS (Pôle de Formation en Recherche et Santé) at University of CAEN uses a  Model E – Horizontal touch table to teach anatomy to their medical school students.

Its horizontal configuration reminds of the dissections tables. It enables groups of students to work together with a teacher and access very high-resolution images. They can visualize and manipulate them in 3 dimensions on the high-resolution 4K touch screen.

The Visible Body software is very easy to use and allow students to learn quickly. They can also access the touch table by themselves and study on their own thanks to the intuitive touch interface..

2 new touch tables will be setup in 2020 following the successful implementation of the first one showcased here.

Virtual and Augmented Reality Console


Microsoft uses a touch model R totem in their Microsoft Technology Center in Paris for their Mixed Reality Headset demos.

The integrated powerful computer inside the model R makes the experience very fluid for the Mixed Reality Headset user and allows the people around her to follow the virtual visit on its 4K screen.

The trainer uses the touch screen of the model R to drive the session.

Digital BIM Construction Site


Digital BIM Workstations  enable construction managers to perform efficient safety briefings and Covid 19 training at the heart of their construction sites. Foremen and Workers can access 2D plans and 3D models updated in real time through 4G/LTE or WIFI connectivity.

Model B Digital BIM Workstation is also a power hub with secure outlets to recharge tools or plug a printer.

Vinci Construction has already deployed over 50 Model B Digital BIM Workstations in France and many other countries (Poland, Morocco, Algeria, Qatar, Bulgaria, etc).

Vinci Construction uses a variety of BIM software, among which Autodesk’s Navisworks and Trimble Connect.

Smart City


Société du Grand Paris uses both itekube’s Model E and Model R touch tables and totems to showcase the 3D models of the new Grand Paris extension, either in dedicated spaces (La Fabrique, Rueil, Saint-Denis), or on Trade Shows anywhere in France.

The processing power of the devices, which they upgrade on a regular basis, and the ability to connect to additional screens or screen walls, combined with the ease of transportation and set up, offer a great client and end-user experience.

This is a beta version, we’re looking for feedback to make it evolve and add useful features.

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