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We specialize in touch-recognition software and have the ability to turn any existing software
into touch-enabled software such as Autodesk’s Navisworks and Revit.

Our gesture recognition engine relies on Deep Learning capabilities and enhances recognition by a factor of at least 2.

We provide software-specific converters in standalone or plugin modes such as Touchconverter for Navisworks Freedom and Touch converter for Navisworks Manage/simulate, Touchconverter for Revit, plugin for existing 3D engines such as Unity or Real3D. We offer also SDKs in C++, C# and JS to use through a Browser.

Please get in touch for any request: contact form

TouchConverter for Navisworks Freedom

enables touch

TouchConverter for Revit

enables touch

TouchConverter for Navisworks Manage/Simulate

enables multitouch

TouchIT for Unity

Software Framework for multitouch gestures in Unity 3d

This is a beta version, we’re looking for feedback to make it evolve and add useful features.

Please fill out the form below to get a free trial test version:

    Contact us for any other software TouchConverter needs: contact form