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Touch Table Model E inclined SIMI Vectuel

Renting our touch tables, totems and outdoor bim workstations model E, A and B

All of itekube’s touch tables and totems, model E – inclined, horizontal, dual-screen, model A, and the itekube outdoor digital BIM workstation model B are available for short and long-term rental.

  • from 1 day up to 60 months
  • in France and all of Europe

We can provide transportation and installation. We can also assist you for different service needs for all our touch tables, totems and outdoor digital BIM workstations model E – inclined, horizontal, dual-screen, model A, and model B:

  • specific software installation and setup
  • on site maintenance
  • operation management

For instance on a trade show we can provide cabling and connectivity to additional screens.

For longer term setups, we will assist you and train your team for the use of our touch tables, totems and workstations.

Our model E – inclined, horizontal, dual-screen, can be customized. We insert a print underneath the acrylic cover. We provide you with a template which allows you to design your own print and we take care of printing and installation.

Our digital BIM workstations model A and B can also be sticked or painted according to your requirements, depending on the number of units.

You can find many examples on our achievements page.

Please contact us for any request through the form here below. Our stock can be limited depending on the time of year and it’s always better to book in advance.

    Touch Totem Model R Bim Object

    This is a beta version, we’re looking for feedback to make it evolve and add useful features.

    Please fill out the form below to get a free trial test version:

      Contact us for any other software TouchConverter needs: contact form